Why you should get your Marriage Contract translated

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The Translation of Marriage Contracts

With all the excitement and modern trappings that come along with it, it can be easy to forget that when you get married, you are also entering into a contract with your spouse. For international couples, or just those who travel frequently, it is prudent to have your marriage contract translated into any other languages you may need.

What is a Marriage Contract?

In both religious weddings and civil ceremonies, a legally binding marriage contract is a crucial document in giving both members of the couple certain rights. The details included in the document range from parental responsibility in the eventuality that the couple go on to have a child/children, to property rights regarding the matrimonial home. It should be clear that a marriage contract may only apply to those who are eligible for marriage in the first place, in other words, if the marriage is of a British couple, they must be over the age of 16, not related to each other and getting married of their own free will. This is not an exhaustive list of the criterion for a potential couple but merely gives an idea of who would be accepted for a marriage contract, which would from that moment onwards be likely to have a significant impact on your life.

The Process of Translation

The translation of a marriage contract is not a task that can be done by any translator, the legal implications of the document mean that a translator with a background in family law would be most qualified for this task. They will be accustomed to the blueprint of a marriage contract; the common expressions used and will have the native linguistic knowledge to ensure an error free translation. These crucial factors simply could not be guaranteed with a translator lacking the legal background or the native linguistic skills.

Berlin Translate and Legal Translation

Legal translation is a specific field which is not within the capabilities of all translation agencies, fortunately here at Berlin Translate we consider legal translation to be a specialist field of ours. An accurate and precise translation of your legal document is guaranteed at Berlin Translate.

If you are looking for informative articles on the different types of contracts and other legal documents and the importance of having them translated, the Berlin Translate blog is an excellent resource for you, and well worth a look!

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