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Our translation company Berlin Translate offers services in Switzerland, the most language-diverse country in Europe. German, French, Italian and Romansh are the principal languages in this beautiful country filled with mountains and lakes. Switzerland is one of the most advanced, competitive and stable free market economies in the world, making it essential for the European economy.

Thanks to its wide range of languages and its economic appeal, translation and interpreting services are incredibly important. Naturally, this motivated us to expand our language services company to several Swiss locations. You can find us in Basel, Bern – Switzerland’s unofficial capital -, Geneva, Lausanne and Zürich, five of this small country’s biggest cities.


High quality language services

Just as in all of our other locations, the quality of our services is our top priority in Switzerland. Our translators have excellent education in different areas, as well as years of professional experience. Translations in law, economics, and medicine, as well as website localisation, are some of our specialities. Furthermore, our translators work only into their native languages, ensuring our customers authentic and impressive translations.

You are sure to find the right translator for your individual needs, linguistic requirements, and subject area.

We offer an array of services in German, French and other languages 

Our translation agencies in Switzerland

Translation agency Bern


Translation Agency in Bern Berlin Translate now offers specialised online language services in Switzerland with our translation agency in Bern,...

Translation agency Lausanne


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Translation agency Zürich


Translation Agency in Zürich Our translation agency, based in Germany’s capital Berlin, now offers online translation services in Zürich, The...

Translation agency Basel


Translation Agency Basel We at Berlin Translate are proud to be able to offer projects in Switzerland through our translation...

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Specialised translation in Switzerland

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