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Website & Software Translations

Want to reach international customers?

Our website translation service is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers at international level.



Translations with SEO and SEM, including keyword searches and translation of target market metadata


Translations directly on your Content Management System (CMS)


For Google Maps, Bing Places, Google Plus MyBusiness, Yahoo Local, Foursquare, Yelp, etc.


Company, private, informative, advertising and review websites, blogs, forums

The Digital Revolution and the internet have transformed the world and brought us closer together than we could have imagined just a few years ago.

The internet offers unparalleled opportunities to reach foreign customers – but it’s no use if you then force those customers to rely on Google Translate to understand your website! Your message can get completely lost in automatic translation, and your sales will suffer.

The same applies to software: however good your product is, international customers simply won’t be interested if it’s not available translated and localised! The customer will find an alternative; it’s you who will lose out…

Website & Software Translations

Up-to-the-minute translations from Berlin Translate


The easy way to a multilingual website




Are you looking for a convenient workflow to publish multilingual content? Is there time pressure on your web translation and a lack of internal resources? Do you need a long-lasting website translation solution so future changes and new content can be accommodated with minimal effort?

Send your website to Berlin Translate and enjoy speedy, professional translations at fair prices! We are Europe’s most ambitious translation agency, and we are passionate about translation, communication and languages. And what’s in it for you? Perfect translations at the best prices.

Benefits of Berlin Translate


Localisation in translation is the process of adapting a translation to the cultural and linguistic norms of the country in question. Examples include date and time formats, currencies, and weights and measures, as well as alterations to conform to differing legislation. Native speakers are absolutely indispensable for this work – only they can be expected to know all the ins and outs of the target country and culture.


Quality Control Process

Our quality control process ensures a high-quality outcome, as numerous testimonials to the high quality of our translations demonstrate. Berlin Translate provides a network of translators all over Europe, with many years’ experience. Whether in engineering, economics, law, medicine, marketing, culture, construction, or academic research and teaching, we can translate your texts into German, French, Italian, Spanish and many more – quickly and at the best prices.

  • Standard Option: we provide you with a document containing the translated content.
  • Complete Option: as well as translating the content, we also add it to your website for you.

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