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Communicate with the world, straight from Berlin, with legal translation of your documents.

Our translation agency in Berlin offers professional legal translations with a large, international network of experienced translators. Our legal translators have extensive knowledge of the jurisprudence in German-speaking countries and the legal system of their other languages’ countries. Thus, we can provide you with sound, legal translations in the most requested target languages such as English, French, Italian and Spanish and many more. Our team of legal translators aids lawyers, legal departments, tax consultants and notaries, as well as courts and authorities and private individuals in all aspects of foreign language communication.

Your partner for legal translations in Berlin

Specialist translations for the legal sector require special expertise and correct use of appropriate legal jargon. For this reason, our translation agency in Berlin uses state-of-the-art translation software, checking spelling and consistency during text creation to create a flawless rendition of your text. In addition, a second, specialist legal translator will proofread and finalise the project.

Legal experts in Berlin for translations of legal documentation

All of our translators in Berlin translate only into their native language.
Furthermore, we can provide officially certified translations, as our translators are certified worldwide by local authorities. However, standard legal translations are the most efficient option unless you need a certified translation.

Legal translations in many languages for the following documents:

• Contracts

• General terms and conditions

• Tenders

• Court judgments

• Confidentiality agreements

• Powers of attorney

• Complaints

• Legislative texts

• Standards and rules

• Wills

• Notary documents

• Asset records

• Customs documents for export & import

• Certificates

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