Interpretation in Berlin for Immigration and Asylum Interviews

Berlin Translate provides professional interpretation services for immigration and asylum interviews. Our interpreters are highly qualified and experienced, and they are available in a variety of languages.

Why is interpretation important for immigration and asylum interviews?

Interpretation is essential for ensuring that immigration and asylum seekers are able to fully understand and participate in their interviews. When an interpreter is present, the applicant can communicate their case clearly and accurately, and they can be sure that they are being treated fairly.

What types of interpretation services does Berlin Translate offer?

Berlin Translate offers a variety of interpretation services for immigration and asylum interviews, including:

  • One-on-one interpretation: This is the most common type of interpretation, and it is used when there is only one applicant and one interviewer.
  • Group interpretation: This is used when there are multiple applicants or interviewers.
  • Telephone interpretation: This is a convenient option for applicants who are unable to attend an interview in person.

How do I book an interpreter with Berlin Translate?

To book an interpreter with Berlin Translate, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and to help you book the right interpreter for your needs.

Here are some of the benefits of using Berlin Translate for immigration and asylum interpretation:

  • We have a team of highly qualified and experienced interpreters who are available in a variety of languages.
  • We are committed to providing accurate and impartial interpretation.
  • We understand the importance of confidentiality and privacy.

If you are seeking immigration or asylum in Berlin, we encourage you to contact Berlin Translate for professional interpretation services.

list of useful contacts for Immigration and Asylum Interviews

When seeking official interpreting services for immigration and asylum interviews in Berlin, it’s crucial to have access to the right contacts. Here is a list of useful contacts for official interpreting services in this context:

  1. Federal Office for Migration and Asylum (BAMF):
    • Website:
    • BAMF is a key institution responsible for asylum and immigration matters in Germany. They can provide information about official interpreters.
  2. Berlin Immigration Office (Landesamt für Einwanderung, LEA):
    • Website:
    • The LEA handles immigration matters in Berlin and may have resources or contacts for interpreters for interviews.
  3. Berlin Social Services (Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales, LAGeSo):
    • Website:
    • LAGeSo often works with refugees and asylum seekers, so they may have information on interpreters or interpreting services.
  4. Berlin Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin):
    • Website:
    • The Berlin Bar Association may provide contacts for legal professionals, including interpreters specializing in immigration and asylum cases.
  5. Local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):
    • Many NGOs in Berlin work with immigrants and refugees and may have contacts for interpreters. Examples include Caritas, Pro Asyl, and Diakonie.
  6. Language Service Providers:
    • Consider reaching out to language service providers in Berlin that specialize in interpretation services. They can connect you with certified interpreters.
  7. Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Industrie- und Handelskammer, IHK):
    • Website:
    • IHK Berlin may have information on registered and certified interpreters who can assist in immigration and asylum matters.
  8. Berlin Legal Aid Services:
    • Contact legal aid services in Berlin, as they often work with interpreters in legal proceedings. They can direct you to reliable interpreters.
  9. Embassies and Consulates:
    • Reach out to the embassies or consulates of countries with a significant number of asylum seekers or immigrants in Berlin. They may have resources or contacts for interpreters.
  10. Online Directories and Platforms:
    • Explore online directories and platforms that list professional interpreters and translation services. Websites like ProZ, Interpreters and Translators, or the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) can be helpful.

Remember that for immigration and asylum interviews, it is crucial to use certified and qualified interpreters who are experienced in legal and sensitive matters. It’s advisable to verify their credentials and ensure they are recognized by the relevant authorities to guarantee accurate and reliable interpretation services.

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