Translation Agency in Bern

Berlin Translate now offers specialised online language services in Switzerland with our translation agency in Bern, the country’s ‘capital’.

With 130,000 inhabitants, Bern is Switzerland’s fourth-largest city. Its official title is Bundesstadt, or Federal City, rather than Hauptstadt, or capital city. Switzerland technically has no capital but since 1848, Bern has been the seat of the Federal Parliament and government so is the de facto capital, despite Switzerland technically having no capital.

Lying on the Aare river, Bern is known for its historic old town, a UNESCO world heritage site, its bear pit and many museums. Its industries include the manufacture of printing products, chocolate, machinery, electrical equipment, and chemical and pharmaceutical products. Moreover, Bern has a signifacent agricultural produce market and is a busy rail junction.

The majority of Bern’s population is German-speaking, though the city retains Switzerland’s linguistic vibrancy. Our agency helps customers communicate by offering more than 150 language combinations, including French, German, Italian, and English.

Language services

Our translation agency in Bern offers the following online services:

  • general translations
  • specialised translations (law, medicine, technology, science and research, web and SEO)
  • certified translations
  • apostille
  • interpreting
  • proofreading

Quality is our priority

Our top priority lies in ensuring the best possible quality. Our qualified, native-speaker translators have a wealth of professional experience and specialist knowledge. Consequently, at Berlin Translate, you are sure to find the ideal translator for guaranteed best results.

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