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As well as in France, Belgium and Switzerland, French is also spoken in Canada and many countries in Africa such as Côte d’Ivoire or Algeria. It is indeed a very global language. 

France is also a very influential country, being the third-largest economy in the EU and the sixth-largest in the world, as well as a global leader in the agro-food, aerospace and luxury goods industries.



Want to reach international customers?

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What to consider with French translation

  • French is spoken by about 300 million people around the world, with significant populations across 54 countries on 5 continents.
  • There there are generally two main variants of French to consider: European French (applicable for Europe and Africa) and Canadian French (applicable for Canada only).
  • English to French translation usually expands by about 15-20%, so it’s worthwhile adding in extra white space in your English source document.



French (français) is one of the world’s biggest languages. It plays a major role in European business markets and in the European Union. Worldwide, French currently has 120 million native and 52 million second-language speakers. At Berlin Translate, our translators cater for translation into and out of all French dialects. So whether you require Canadian, Togolese, or perhaps Senegalese French translations, our translation agency is well placed to deal with your requests.

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