This is where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about translation.

What is a standard line?

A standard line consists of 55 keystrokes. Including letters, punctuation and spaces. If you created your text using a text processing program, the characters are counted automatically. When you divide this number by 55, you will get your number of standard lines. If your text is not electronic, you can only make a rough estimate of the number yourself. Continuous text on a standard A4 page (with a standard font size) almost always contains more than 55 strokes per line.

Does your translation agency calculate prices using standard lines and word count in the source text or target text?

Here at Berlin Translate, we usually calculate prices using standard lines and word count in the source text. This is so we can give you a concrete price offer prior to doing the translation. We only calculate prices using the target text when the number of lines or words cannot be calculated from the source text.

How much will a translation with your translation agency cost me?

Our prices are influenced by the type of translation. Therefore, we cannot offer you flat rates. For further information please visit our prices page.

How do I get a free price forecast?

You can send us the document to be translated by e-mail or through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. However, we recommend you send us the document in question with help from our online form. This enables us to work on your document quickly and correctly by giving us all of the necessary information. You will initially receive a free and non-binding quote.

When do I receive a non-binding offer for my translation request?

As soon as we have received the document we can arrive at an individual quote within a few hours, even at the weekend. Our quotes are valid for a week. If you would like to order at a later time, we will provide you with an updated price list.  

How can I reduce the costs of my translation?

In order to keep the price of your translation as low as possible, we recommend sending us a request in good time, so we do not have to carry the translation out hastily. We offer you three tariffs to ensure we find an offer which best suits your needs. 

In which format can I send the document?

It’s best to send us it as a Word or Excel document. Should that not be possible, we can translate PDF documents directly. We can translate them from pictures, but this will incur additional costs. 

Who translates my documents?

At Berlin Translate your document is translated by professional translators with help of CAT-Tools. Our translators work exclusively into their native tongue, to produce the highest possible quality. 

Does Berlin Translate offer an express translation service?

Yes. Our translation agency also offers express translations for particularly urgent jobs. We even work at the weekend for you. Our translators begin as quickly as possible with your text and deliver the completed translation of short texts within just a few hours.

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