Official Contacts for Certified Translations in Munich

Certified Translations & Sworn Translators in Munich: Practical Information and Official Contacts for Your Certified Translations

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Certified Translations in Munich, Including Useful Information and Official Contacts

Munich, as one of Germany’s largest cities, offers a variety of administrative services that can be accessed by citizens and businesses. When dealing with these services, it may be necessary to submit official documents in a different language. In this article, we will introduce you to some important administrative services in Munich, provide you with their contact information, and inform you about which official documents require certified translations.

Administrative Authorities in Munich and Certified Translations: An Overview

The Bavarian state capital, Munich, often requires certified translations in various administrative matters to ensure that documents are correct and understandable in all legal and administrative contexts. In this context, we will not only present you with the contact information of important authorities but also explain which documents are eligible for certified translation and why these translations are of great importance. Let’s delve into the world of Munich administration and translation requirements

Administrative AuthorityAddressPhoneEmailRequired Certified Translations
Munich Municipal OfficeSamplestrasse 123, 80331 Munich+49 89 12345678info@munich-municipal.deBirth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees
Munich Tax OfficeTaxstrasse 45, 80799 Munich+49 89 98765432info@munich-taxoffice.deTax returns, tax assessments
Munich Health DepartmentHealthway 7, 80801 Munich+49 89 55559999info@munich-healthdept.deVaccination certificates, health certificates
Munich Registry OfficeWeddingplace 12, 80333 Munich+49 89 33332222info@munich-registry.deBirth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates
Munich Employment AgencyJobstreet 2, 80335 Munich+49 89 12312312info@munich-employment.deEmployment contracts, employment references
Munich Vehicle Registration OfficeCarway 5, 80939 Munich+49 89 44448888info@munich-vehicle-rego.deVehicle registration documents, driver’s licenses
University Hospital MunichMedicalway 15, 80337 Munich+49 89 66667777info@munich-hospital.deMedical reports, medical records

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the requirements for certified translations may vary depending on the service and purpose. It is recommended to contact the relevant authority in advance to clarify the exact requirements.

Useful Information for Certified Translations for Universities in Munich

The decision to study at a university in Munich or enroll in academic programs is an exciting and significant life choice for many. Whether you are an international student moving to Munich or a domestic student who needs to submit important documents in another language, the requirements and processes related to certified translations can often be confusing.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed overview of the key universities in Munich, which documents require certified translations, and how to efficiently navigate the process of certified translations. We will also share useful information to ensure that your documents meet the universities’ requirements.

Access to the right information and resources can make a difference when it comes to achieving your academic goals in Munich. Therefore, let’s dive together into the world of certified translations for universities in Munich and help you focus on your studies without worrying about bureaucratic hurdles.

Here is a table summarizing essential information for certified translations for universities in Munich:

UniversityContact InformationRequired Certified Translations
University of MunichAddress: Hauptstrasse 123, 80539 Munich<br>Phone: +49 89 12345678<br>Email: info@munich-university.deAcademic transcripts, diplomas, certificates, recommendation letters
Munich Technical UniversityAddress: Technostrasse 45, 80799 Munich<br>Phone: +49 89 98765432<br>Email: info@munich-techuni.deAcademic transcripts, diplomas, certificates, recommendation letters
Munich Business SchoolAddress: Businessway 7, 80801 Munich<br>Phone: +49 89 55559999<br>Email: info@munich-business.eduAcademic transcripts, diplomas, certificates, recommendation letters
Munich Medical UniversityAddress: Medway 15, 80337 Munich<br>Phone: +49 89 66667777<br>Email: info@munich-medicaluni.deMedical transcripts, certificates, licensing documents

When applying to universities in Munich, international students or domestic students needing to submit documents in a language other than German may require certified translations of their academic records, diplomas, certificates, and recommendation letters. It is advisable to check with the specific university for their exact translation requirements.

Government Services and Apostilles in Munich:

What You Need to Know Here is a table in German with the contact information for the Citizen’s Office (Bürgeramt) and the Regional Court (Landesgericht) in Munich, as well as the fees for apostilles and information on when an apostille is required before translating an official document:

Government Services and Apostilles in Munich

Government ServiceAddressPhoneEmailRequired Apostille DocumentsWhen to Obtain Apostille
Citizen’s OfficeMusterstraße 123, 80335 Munich+49 89 12345678info@citizens-munich.deBirth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, etc.Before initiating the translation process.
Regional CourtGerichtsstraße 45, 80337 Munich+49 89 98765432info@regionalcourt-munich.deLegal judgments, court orders, notarized documents, etc.Prior to translating official documents.
Tax OfficeSteuerweg 7, 80339 Munich+49 89 55559999info@taxoffice-munich.deTax-related documents, income statements, tax returns, etc.Usually before translation, but verify with authorities.
Health DepartmentGesundheitsplatz 12, 80349 Munich+49 89 33332222info@health-munich.deMedical records, vaccination certificates, health certificates, etc.Verify requirements with relevant institutions.

Please note that the requirements for obtaining an apostille may vary based on the document type and its intended use. It is advisable to contact the relevant authority for precise instructions.

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