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At our Dusseldorf translation agency, we know the importance of specialist medical knowledge and the appropriate use of specific medical terminology in medical translations.

We only employ native-speaking translators who specialise in medical translations. The team consists of highly qualified specialist translators who have many years of professional experience in the medical translation industry. In addition to this, they are constantly undergoing further training.

Our translation agency in Dusseldorf offers you medical translations from and into more than 30 world languages such as German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech and Polish.

Quality and suitability guaranteed

Translation of medical documents goes beyond simple linguistic concerns. It represents a substantial responsibility in delivering a translation with a high degree of accuracy. A specialist medical translation should have no linguistic features that diverge from those of the original. Indeed, good medical translations are characterised by an understandable and precise translation. Linguistic medical translation errors can endanger the lives and health of patients. At our agency, we recognise and fully appreciate this fact.

Furthermore, for medical translation, it is not only necessary that the linguistic content is technically perfect, but also that the text is appropriate for the desired target audience (patients, doctors, technical staff, specialists, or non-specialists etc.).

For these reasons, high translation quality is our top priority.

We offer translations of the following medical documents:

  • Medical drug approvals
  • Anamnesis questionnaires
  • Medical information
  • Foreign language medical brochures
  • Medical reports, findings, journals, studies
  • Medical packaging inserts

Our sworn translators can also certify your translated documents.

We founded our translation agency in 2005 and since then our project teams have been supporting doctors and pharmacists in all aspects of foreign language communication. Moreover, your translations are managed confidentially and with utmost care by our translation agency in Dusseldorf.

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