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At our translation agency in Hamburg, we recognise the significance of German as a modern world language. it is an official language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Moreover, German is a national language of Namibia, as well as being a minority language in some European and non-European countries such as Romania and South Africa. With between 90 to 105 million people across the globe speaking German as their first language, and 80 million people worldwide, including 55 million within the European Union, learning it German as a second or foreign language, German is a very attractive and practical language for technical documents.

Our Technical Translation Services

Our translation agency offers high-quality technical translations, in addition to providing you with individualised advice to ensure that your particular requirements are met.

We offer technical translations in the following languages:




Our translators work only into their first language when producing your technical document. They are fully competent in both written and spoken language skills. Furthermore, they have complete knowledge of the norms and customs of each language of their language pair, ensuring a perfect linguistic rendition of the text.

Of course, technical translations require technical knowledge as well as content and linguistic requirements. Our translators have a background of professional, in-depth subject experience. We employ fully trained scientists and engineers in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, chemistry and physics, among other disciplines.

Our agency offers translation of the following documents:

User manuals


Technical documentation

Data sheets


Manufacturer declarations

Assembly instructions

The price per technical translation is calculated on the type and purpose of the text, and its source and target languages. Moreover, you can rest assured that your documents will be kept strictly confidential within our translation agency; we allow access only to the translation team working on the project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

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