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Living Abroad

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What is it like to live abroad?  Many people in their lives have the opportunity to move to another country...

Getting ‘Brexit Ready’: Business and Translation Services Post-Brexit

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There is still much uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the UK’s departure from the European Union. With a deal still yet...

Why do an internship?

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Internships are increasingly becoming more popular among students and young professionals as a means of kick starting their careers. They...

Brexit – Required translations by Brexit

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Corporate changes The Brexit made it necessary to translate documents that previously were not absolutely essential. It is important that...

People of Non-German Origin Living in Freiburg

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Immigration to Germany  Germany is known for welcoming large numbers of immigrants, especially following the refugee crisis in 2015 during...

People of Non-Spanish Origin Living in Barcelona

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Immigration to Spain Spain is a popular destination for people of non-Spanish origin wishing to relocate. There are almost 6...

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