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Cross-Language Network for Multifaceted Translation Needs

Across our translation offices in Europe, our team of over 2500 specialists provides comprehensive translation services in diverse fields, including technology, medicine, and law. With expertise spanning more than 35 subject areas and proficiency in over 100 languages (such as French, English, Spanish, Italian, and more), our translation agency operates throughout Europe, with branches from Berlin to Paris. Our service portfolio encompasses express translations, website localization, certified translations, proofreading, and other bespoke offerings.

You can find our translation agency in the following German cities:

Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Leipzig, Bremen, Dresden, Hannover, Nurnberg, Duisburg, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Bonn, Münster.

Discover Our Local Touch: Berlin Translate

With our extensive network of branches throughout Germany, we are proud to offer a genuinely local service, emphasizing certified translations for both businesses and private clients. You can conveniently collect your translations in person or opt for hassle-free home delivery.

Moreover, our dedicated project managers maintain strong connections with expert translators specializing in various fields. Depending on the city, this expertise spans not only multiple language combinations but also diverse areas of specialization. When you visit one of our local translation agencies in Germany, expect nothing less than professional, top-quality service customized to meet your specific requirements.

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Effective translations in both German and English-speaking regions have simplified the process for businesses to identify and connect with potential consumer markets. With Germany ranking among Europe’s largest economies, it becomes essential to translate your product descriptions into high-quality German, thus unlocking and sustaining access to new markets


In order to foster and expand markets worldwide, precise and clear translations are indispensable at every juncture of your extensive supplier network. At our translation agency, you can benefit from the expertise of our specialized translators, ensuring seamless communication and effective engagement with diverse markets worldwide.

Specialised translation in the automotive field

Our translators have specific skills in the following fields: Technical translations, Legal translations, Financial translations, Medical translations, Business translations, Fast translations, Translations of websites, Online marketing and SEO translations, Travel and tourism translations, Food and beverage translations, Certified (official) translations, Proofreading and editing, Voice-over artists, Transcriptions, Subtitles, Interpreting services 


At Berlin Translate, we ensure that our translators working on each project have access to dictionaries and specialized glossaries, enabling them to deliver high-quality work that meets the desired standards of precision and accuracy.


Understanding that each civilization operates with its own unique set of values and perspectives, we at Berlin Translate take our translations a step further by incorporating a cultural dimension. By integrating cultural nuances, our translations not only establish an authentic connection between your products and prospective consumers but also serve as a potent localization tool, enabling you to rapidly expand your presence in foreign markets.

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