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Our committed translation network in Berlin is the only one of its kind in Europe. Berlin Translate  links with 2,300 professional translators specialising in numerous areas of business, and working in the countries in which the relevant languages are specifically spoken. 

Our translation agency offers translation services in the majority of languages, including the most popular languages such as English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

If you are asking yourself which languages you should translate your documents or website into, we recommend that you take the following points into account:

Despite English being the most widely spoken language on the Internet, it is nevertheless important to translate your website and brochures into other languages. For example, instructions for the assembly and use of a product must always be written in the consumer’s mother tongue.

Translation into German: Bring yourself closer to your German-speaking clientele

Are you planning to expand your customer base in Germany? Don’t hesitate to call on our translation service. Regarding translations from English into German, our location in Berlin enables us to offer our professional and private clients excellent value for money.

Even though today English is understood by a large part of the world’s population, especially in Germany, internet users and consumers will always prefer to have access to information in their native language.

Translation into Spanish: A language spoken all over the world

Spain also represents a significant market. Don’t hesitate to digitise your company internationally and have your professional documents translated into Spanish. All the more so as Spanish is not only spoken in Spain, but also in a number of American countries and other territories across the world which were associated with the Spanish Empire at some point in their history.

Translation into Italian: Sell in Italy as well as in Switzerland

It is estimated that there are around 61.7 million people who speak or study Italian worldwide. Whilst Italian is spoken mainly in Italy, it is also spoken in Switzerland (Cantons of Ticino and Grisons) where Italian is the national language (representing around 6.8% of Swiss speakers). Therefore, translating your website and all your technical and commercial documents into Italian will not only allow you to expand your client base in Italy but also in Switzerland.

The 10 languages most present on the web in terms of the percentage of Internet users who use them:

English (25.3%)
Mandarin (19.8%)
Spanish (8%)
Arabic (4.8%)
Portuguese (4.1%)
Indonesian (4.1%)
Japanese (3%)
Russian (2.8%)
French (2.8%)
German (2.2%)
Others (23.1%)


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