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Our translation agency Berlin Translate has several offices throughout Canada. Therefore, not only can you place orders online but also call on our certified local translators and collect your sworn translations directly. We are also available to contact by phone. 

Sworn Translations

Call on our certified translators throughout Canada for your sworn translations. 

Specialised Translations

You can order a specialised translation of your choice (legal, web, marketing, medical, SEO, technical etc.) online or from one of our many translation agencies in Belgium.  


Call on our interpreters based in Canada’s largest cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montréal) for services in many language combinations. 

Find all of our translation agencies in Canada – Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver

 You can also order your translations online. 

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Translation is crucial in Canada

French Translation 

The pride of the Quebecois, French is one of the official languages of Canada. All official texts regarding the country must be translated in both languages. 

English Translation 

As a former British Commonwealth dominion, Canadians principally speak English and it is one of Canada’s official languages. All administrative texts are translated in the two languages. 

Translation in First Nations languages and others 

In the territories, situated well in the North of Canada, the majority of Canadians speak the languages of the First Nations. Likewise, many Canadians have other languages as their mother tongue. 

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