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Car instruction manuals and specifications are often riddled with technical details, which make translation a difficult job – and it’s a situation where the translation really needs to live up to the standards of the original! Uniform technical terminology is also vital.

To achieve this, we employ just one translator for each language who holds all the required knowledge of this specialised industry, enabling us to deliver translations with consistent terms and fully matching up to our quality standards.

Want to go global with your new technology, innovations or components, but need quality translations to do it?


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 Work instructions

 User manuals


 Inspection reports

 Software documentation

 Technical documentation

Few products have changed the world as much as the car.

Invented by Karl Benz in 1885, the car has been one of the driving forces behind our journey into the modern era. Today, the automotive industry in Europe generates more than €600 billion per year, €246 billion in Germany alone. Germany is home to renowned car makers, including Mercedes Benz, VW, BMW and Audi, whose products are in demand all over the world thanks to their prestige and their reputation for quality and reliability.


But the automotive industry is also very international.

Supply chains and networks stretch right across Europe and the world – and that’s before you look at the actual exports! For successful business with customers, dealers and suppliers abroad, it’s vital to have a reliable partner to provide solid language services.

Specialist Automotive Translation

We cover documents for:

Mechanical and electrical engineering
Automation technologies
Electronics and microelectronics
Navigation systems
On-board computer systems
Maintenance and diagnostics


Appropriate vocabulary

At Berlin Translate, we ensure that the translators working on your project have access to both dictionaries and specialist glossaries to guarantee quality work, whatever aspect of the automotive sector your text covers.


Car manufacturing today is more international than ever, especially with the arrival on the scene of new players such India and China.

At the same time, the demand for spare parts keeps rising, with a growing number of private individuals preferring to directly order parts online.


To support and develop potential automotive markets across the world, clear and precise translations are essential for each link in the many chains of a supplier network.

We can provide this service for you, with our experienced, specialised translators.

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