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Tourism is one of the world’s major industries. 35 million international tourists visit the UK each year, and the USA welcomes over 75 million.

Although about 610 million people in the world can speak at least some English as a second language, foreign language skills are still vital in tourism. Just because someone can speak enough English to order a coffee, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t rather have information in their first language – especially if it’s a more complex topic, such as the history of a city. And it’s not just the language barrier, but the cultural one too: a cultural or historical reference that’s obvious in one culture might need a lot of explanation to make any sense in another.


This means that translation is essential for all in tourism.

Whether a hotel, a tour operator, an airline, or a visitor attraction, your customers can only get the best out of their visit if they have all the details they need – details that will often be missed if they only have a basic knowledge of English and there’s no translation available. And at the end of the day, a happy visitor is better for your business: if they have a good time, they’re more likely to come again and recommend you to their family and friends – the cheapest and best kind of advertising there is!


Whether you need a translated travel brochure, service agreement, or website, we here at Berlin Translate are perfectly placed to satisfy your requirements. Our translators are well-versed in the little idiosyncrasies of the target language and culture, which enables us to produce clear, natural-sounding translations which are as true as possible to the original. Click here to find out more about how we are able to guarantee you a quality outcome!

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A booming market

Thanks to the growth and democratisation of travel through cheap flights and websites such as Airbnb, the tourism market is booming. And at Berlin Translate, we can offer you a bespoke translation service for tourism texts.

Our expertise for you

To support your development in the tourist industry, your documents are carefully translated exclusively by native-speaker translators with the necessary skills to accurately reflect your company’s image, products and services.

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