A Translation Service Tailored to Your Company

If your company often requires translation service into different languages, then you have come to the right place. We offer an approach tailored directly to your requirements and needs. By working closely with you, we identify exactly what you expect from your translation, who your target audience is and what specialist translators you need for your documents. The responsible translators are then placed in a team created especially for you dedicated solely to the work for your company. In the team assembly process, we make sure that the translators cover all the desired areas of expertise and possess the necessary experience.

The Translators

We put together a team of translators especially for you to create uniform translations in the specific style that matches your company. The team is assembled in such a way, that all specializations you require can be addressed by different translators experienced in the relevant fields, so that we can present you with flawless translations. In addition, all these translators translate from their respective mother tongue into the target language, which they also speak at a native language level.

A Tailored Offer

We will make an offer tailored to your company. This can be for the price of an individual translation but can also include translations of a document into several different languages simultaneously. Furthermore, we will allocate a team of project managers to you, which will be exclusively dedicated to your commissions. Through them, you will be able to receive updates about the progress of your project at any time.

Translation Service & Data Protection

Your data and information will be used exclusively for the purpose of completing your order. Only the translators and project managers responsible for your commission will have access to your details and are accordingly bound by confidentiality. Should you require a confidentiality agreement from the relevant parties, we are happy to honour this wish.

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