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Our translation agency in Munich offers high quality language services to the 1.3 million inhabitants living in Bavaria’s capital city. In addition to being the largest city in the region, Munich is one of the most important centres for economic, transport, and culture within Germany, alongside being one of Europe’s wealthiest cities. It lies at the centre of the greater Munich metropolis, home to 6 million people.

Munich is just 50 kilometres away from the Alps. The famous Garmisch-Partenkirschen holiday resort (host, among other things, to alpine ski world cup events) is the most popular winter ski destination for Munich’s residents. The Isar river flows through the city, splitting it into two zones. In the west, you can find the central station, the pedestrianised old town and the famous Marienplatz, Ludwig-Maximilian University, and countless breweries, as well as the Theresienwiese, where Oktoberfest takes place each year. Contrastingly, Munich’s smaller, eastern section offers amazing walks along the Isar, an enormous cultural centre (the Gasteig) and the city’s second-largest train station.

Our language services in Munich

Our translation office offers the entire spectrum of language services, including general and specialised translations, certified translations, interpreting, and proofreading. Included in our range of specialised translations are legal, medical, technical, and web translations, as well as SEO.

We offer quality translations in all areas, into and out of a variety of languages. Our translators work only into their native language (English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.), to guarantee you the best possible quality.

We concentrate on customer service; one of our experienced customer managers will take care of continuous communication of your project’s progress.

Our online translation agency in Munich offers innovative translations at excellent value for money

We use an online translation platform which combines experience and modernity. Indeed, our broad network of translators allows us to offer customers in Munich fast language services and translations starting from 0.08 EUR per word.

  • All of our translators are qualified, experienced, and work into their native language.
  • We assign each project to the most suitable professional linguists and an experienced project manager to supervise progress.
  • Every project is proofread by a second translator before being checked by the project manager.
  • We offer quality translations at an attractive and competitive price.
  • We make every effort to ensure deadlines are met.

Notarised translation, apostille and supplementary certification

You can pick up your certified translation directly at our Munich office. Our sworn translators can ensure the translation corresponds to the original in all aspects. Because of this, our translations are recognised worldwide.

Noone can deny that a quality translation can only be achieved by a translator who works into their native language and has perfect knowledge of the source language too. Consequently, our specialised translation agency in Munich entrusts your translations to only the most competent translators. We believe that our customers have the right to demand services of impeccable quality.

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