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Our translators/interpreters perfectly master their mother tongue as well as at least two other foreign languages. Our english-speaking translators are passionate about languages and different cultures.


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Translators carefully selected

A translation needs to be prepared and a translator needs to be selected ! Don’t let your translations in the hands of strangers and use the services of translators carefully selected by our translation agency.

Translation quality control

Our project managers set up and monitor teams of skilled translators according to your needs and budget. They conduct regularly control checks of the translation quality 

Revised translations

A translator, as experimented and specialised as they may be, is still a human being and can make careless mistakes. This is why we provide a revising service by a second translator.

Monica, literary translator (UK)

Monica, literary translator (UK)

Monica graduated in Foreign Languages Literature and worked for 5 years in a communication agency before integrating an important international public relations agency. She is currently living in London and offers literary translations from French into English (UK).


Monica, literary translator (UK)

Marina, financial translator (US)

Marina is a native English-speaker and is specialised in the financial translating field. Based in Paris, she has 9 years of experience as a interpreter and translator in the sector of financial translation. She also translates exclusively from French into English (US).

William, technical translator (UK)

William, technical translator (UK)

William is a 36-year-old professional translator gifted with a literary and technical mind. French and British, he studied languages in Manchester before specialising in technical translation.


Lise, medical translator (US)

Lise, medical translator (US)

This French-American from New-York comes from a bicultural family and perfectly masters French and German. Young and dynamic, she graduated in medicine and specialized in medical translation from French to English but also from English into French.

Kurt, commercial translator (US)

Kurt, commercial translator (US)

Kurt has excellent communication skills and offers quality commercial translations from French into English. Thanks to its natural talent for languages, he will help you recreate the message of your company to prefectly adapt it to the target audience. Hesitate no more and give him your booklets, business brochures and any other presentations.

Patricia, legal translator (UK)

Patricia, legal translator (UK)

Legal translation is a specialised field requiring a thorough knowledge of the French and Anglo-saxon legal systems as well as strong skills in legal drafting. That is why Patricia masters French and English along with knowledge of both legal systems.

Pricing tailored to your needs

At Berlin Translate, we adapt our offer according to your needs only. Please contact us directly for a precise quote, we’ll take into account the length of your documents and how quickly we can translate them.

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Personalized advice

You don’t know which translation service do you need ? A project manager will be happy to answer your questions and advise you according to your needs.

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Localized service

We believe that a language constitutes an integral part of culture. Hence, we take into consideration the cultural diversity of your target audience, thanks to our translators always working from a foreign language to their mother tongue.  

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