Translation of the company status: an essential legal document

Legal translation is a very specific type of translation, which requires vigour and a vast knowledge of law. So, put the translation of your company’s status in good hands.

The company status: the fundamental document for your company

If you own your own company, you will have to have a company status. In effect, the company status is an essential document, which allows you to design the rules to be taken into account in dealings with third parties. This document includes all the essential document on your company. For example, it includes whether your company is a LLC or SAS, the amount of social capital, the operation of your company and other information which are the basis of every company. Therefore, it is an obligatory legal act to establish your company on the market.

Getting a legal document translated

You could be asked for this document when you try to expand internationally. This is because, numerous different institutions are able to request this document from you, whether that be the chamber of commerce or other administrations. This document has a precise layout and must be written in perfect language. It is the same thing with its translation. The translator who will be in charge of your company status, cannot simply translate the original document literally. In effect, it is essential to take into account the format used in different countries. Like any other legal document, the company structure or status can differ on certain points. Therefore, it is essential to conform to the practices of the targeted legal system.

You may be asked to provide a translation of the legal document in english, the language of business. However, you may also need it in several other languages according to the country where you want to do business, to establish a contract there or to sell products for example.

Certified translation of the company status   

Like any other official document, the company status must be translated then certified by an expert translator. This means that the translator can make the translation official. Therefore, you can use the translated document in all institutions or agencies abroad.

If you want to know more about the certification, take a look at the following page and become an expert on certified translation!

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