Translation of Sales Contracts

Translation of sales contracts is part of legal translations, and it’s therefore a document which must be dealt with by an expert in languages and also in law.

The importance of sales contracts

In many different circumstances, we must all face different types of contracts, during our life. The sales contract is one of these. It is a document confirming that one party must deliver something material or immaterial to another party in exchange for a sum of money. If this contract concerns international parties, it is important that the contract is clear for everyone. The translation of sales contracts can make the different conditions clear as well as the laws, or obligations of this sale. In effect, this type of document includes a huge amount of information such as the name of the parties, the price, the modalities and so on. This is a lot of essential information to make a sale official. The translation of all these elements can therefore turn out essential.

The process of translation

It is clear that a legal translation must be done by a legal expert. But why? Clearly the turns of phrase, the layout, as well as the grammar are important to take into account. But that is not all. Legal vocabulary, particularly between French and English has lots of false-friends. These are words in a foreign language which look very similar to another word in your mother tongue. If an error is made in an official document because of a false friend, it shows a lack of professionalism. Among these false-friends, we can count the difference between “damage” and “damages” in English and the different meanings of “compensation” for example. The law demands rigour and precision, therefore it is essential to consult a specialised translator.

Berlin Translate and legal translation  

If you don’t know who to consult for legal translations, for example the translation of one or several sales contracts, you have come to the right place. At Berlin Translate we guarantee you high-quality translation of your legal documents. Experts take care of your documents to provide you with an excellent translation in the target language which you need.

If you have other legal documents and you want to know more about these documents, do not hesitate to visit Berlin Translate’s blog where you find information on the translation of many other types of legal documents.

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