Get the general sales conditions translated

The general sales conditions are part of the legal documents that each sales company must have. Do you need to have them translated to expand internationally?

General Sales conditions? What are they?

The general sales conditions, often abbreviated to GSC, is a document which lays out the terms of sale to a company. Everyone who has ordered a product off the internet has probably already faced these general sales conditions and accepted them (even possibly without paying attention to them). These GSCs explain all the conditions related to a sale: the conditions of refund, how eventual return of products will take place and lots of other information.

Therefore, every company selling products on the internet must have this document and it has to be accepted before every purchase.

Why have them translated?

If you wish to expand internationally, you will need foreigners interested in your product to be able read and understand your general sales conditions. It is strongly recommended that the GSCs are clear and the customer doesn’t need to try and guess what the conditions are.

If you wish to expand into several countries but you do not want to translate the general sales conditions of your company into a dozen languages, the minimum is to translate it into english. English is effectively an international language that many people know. However, you should pay attention that your sales conditions are applicable to the customer’s country. Therefore, it is advised to translate your GSCs into the languages of the countries’ where you aim to deliver your products.

Are you obliged to have the GSCs of your company translated?      

There is no actual document obliging you to translate the general sales conditions into the language of the country into which you intend to expand         . However, it is strongly recommended. It is advisable that all information is brought to life between your company and the interested person. Moreover, it is essential that the customer feels safe when they make an order on the internet.

The process of translation

The translation of the general conditions of your company is a complex task which must be done by an expert. The GSCs must effectively respect specific page layouts in every country. The vocabulary and turns of phrase are also specific. Therefore, it is important that a translator specialised in law translates your document. It is important that the documents, which your company uses and which are designed for your customers, are perfectly written.

Do not hesitate to contact Berlin Translate for more information about the deadlines and charges. We would be delighted to be able to help your company to establish itself abroad. By email or phone, we are there for you and your clients!

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