Certified legal translation of your divorce judgement

Need an official document in a foreign language?

Do you have a divorce judgement which is not accepted abroad because it is in the language of the country from which it originated? All you need is a certified translation by an expert translator in the field. This type of translation will allow you to have a document with similar formatting to the original, which you can use in your administrative procedures abroad.

The divorce judgement is a document which lets you update your civil status. Therefore, this document can be requested of you to prove your situation during administrative procedures abroad. If you live abroad, or wish to, it is entirely possible that you will be asked for the certified translation of your divorce judgement. So, contact an expert translator, who will be able to translate and therefore certify your document.

Legal translation: a very specific field

Each translator can specialise in several different fields, based on which they know best. It is essential to have important legal expertise to translate a document like a judgement of divorce. Therefore, not all translators would be capable of working on this type of text because legal documents use a very specific vocabulary, phrasing and layout.

What is the point of a certified translation of a divorce judgement?

Are you in a situation where you need to present official documents to an official agency in a foreign country? We know at which point this can be complicated to find yourself in and get out of a foreign language. Therefore, it is essential that you request the help of an expert translator. They will be able to translate your official documents and put their seal and signature, which makes your document official. Then you can bring this certified translation to the agency which has asked you.

Therefore, thanks to the certified translation, you can give official status to the translation of your official documents. This service is essential when a foreign jurisdiction asks you for official papers.

Need help for a certified translation? Contact us!

You just need to contact us and explain to us what you want: we are there to fulfill your needs. We offer you qualitative, reliable translations with excellent language. We are delighted to translate and certify your divorce judgement to facilitate your administrative procedures.

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