Certified translation of contracts: a complex process

Administrative procedures abroad? Not without certified translations      

Translation of your official documents can be essential when you are abroad. During various administrative procedures, you can be asked to provide a certain contract, such as a work contract, a sales contract, or a rental contract. In each case this corresponds to an official document establishing an agreement between two parties. Therefore, it’s a very important document, which must be translated by an expert. But that is not all. The document must also be certified by an expert translator who has translated your document. This allows institutions who you give the document to know that the translation has been done by a recognised professional translator.

Numerous skills are required

To translate your contracts, it is insufficient to translate word for word what is written on the original document. In effect, it is essential to take into account the specific habits in writing contracts in different countries. This means that a literal translation is impossible. It can be essential to change certain wording to adapt to the layout requirements for contracts in the country where you are doing the process. Therefore, the cultural aspect is essential when translating contracts.

In a nutshell, linguistic skills are not sufficient. You also need legal and commercial expertise, according to the type of contract which must be translated. Therefore, the translator needs some important expertise of the field of your contract, to be capable of quickly and precisely translating your document.

Moreover, it is essential to have your contracts translated and certified. This gives your document official status as an expert translator is able to translate and certify your document. They do this by giving their seal and signature.

Certified translation of contracts at Berlin Translate

The translation of a contract is not to be taken lightly! It is an important document which must be written in perfect language. We would be delighted to do this for you! This way you can continue all your procedures abroad.

Do not hesitate to contact us and to send us your document. You just have to inform us that you want a certified translation and into which language your contract should be translated, and we will know how to adapt to your needs.

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