Certified Translation of a Marriage Certificate: the most beautiful day of your life in several languages

A necessary translation while abroad

The marriage certificate is a document confirming the marital situation of two people. It is very important fiven that it includes a lot of data such as the information of the two people involved, their parents and information on the celebration. Therefore, it is an essential document, which can be requested of you repeatedly, and even abroad. Therefore, a simple translation of this document is insufficient.

In effect, a certified translation of your marriage certificate can become indispensable. For example, if you marry someone of foreign origin, a justification of civil status will be asked of you. If you provide a simple translation to the authorities, you can be certain that your document will be refused and it will not be taken into consideration. Therefore do not forget to have your marriage certificate translated by a certified translator during your administrative procedures. This proves that the document you provide is official and that the information contained within is true.

Free or certified translation?

Have you heard of free and certified translation but don’t really know the difference? In reality, it’s very simple. If you need your marriage certificate translated, you need a certified translation because it is an official document (like a degree or a contract). A free translation is for all types of texts except official documents.

The layout of the document

It is essential that the translated document is loyal to the original, so that it is readable and clear. Therefore, the final translated document will be similar to your original document and will include the translator’s seal, certifying that they have translated the document. This means that you can use this document in all offices and institutions which ask you for it.

The translator that you need

You cannot consult those doing free translation for a marriage certificate. In effect, it is essential that you consult a certified translator. You just need to send an email to the address info@berlin-translate.de and tell us that you need a certified translation and what linguistic combination you need. We would be delighted to provide you with a high-quality certified translation. Our experts are ready to respond to your questions about the certified translation of your marriage certificate. We are there to help you in your administrative procedures.


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