You finally managed to reach a more diverse and loyal audience with your multilingual website. However, at this point you have noticed that catering to an international audience does not end with a multilingual website. To keep your clients interested in your business and what you are up to, you need to keep them informed. This is where your monthly newsletter and mailings come in. 


What are newsletters and mailings? 


Newsletter are usually monthly emails which inform the clients on your mailing lists of the latest updates in your business. What changes and improvements have you made to your products or services? How will it benefit them? What has inspired these changes? The contents of a newsletter are extensive and exciting. You can think of it as writing a letter to your family and telling them what you have been up to. Much like your family – the newsletters keep your clients thinking about you. Remember: much like writing to your family, you want to keep the content interesting, informative and unique to you.

It is important to keep in mind that you don’t spam your clients about all your latest “moves”. Unlike your family, they can get fed up and easily leave you – or at least unsubscribe from your newsletter. Furthermore, if the newsletter starts feeling like a chore and that you have nothing interesting to write – it is better to wait to compose one when there is indeed something relevant to say. 


The difference between newsletters and mailings is that newsletters are sent on a regular basis to your clients. Mailings on the other hand are about a specific subject and are sent sporadically. If you had a one-off event or offer you would send your customers a special email notifying them. 

Translation of newsletters: 

As described above, newsletters are somewhat less formal than other means of communication with your clients. This means that although they are important, they are not loaded with technical jargon which requires a precise and specific translation. A less strenuous translation process has many benefits: less chance of making mistakes and cheaper translation rates. The team at Berlin Translate is more than keen to help you keep all your international clients informed and content. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free translation rate. 

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