Translation of Insurance Policies

If you’ve been in an accident or had your home damaged by natural disasters or criminals, the last thing you want is to go back to your insurance policy and find that you cannot completely understand some parts of the contract. This alone proves the importance of translating insurance policies.

Content of an Insurance Policy

This is a formal contract issued by an insurance company as legal evidence of the insurance agreement. The policy outlines what the insurance covers you for in the event of certain acts. There are many different types of insurance, such as life insurance, home insurance, car insurance or travel insurance, and there are policies available which cover several of these or just one of them. Generally speaking, the policy will say what will happen in terms of financial compensation and other support if certain events take place.  This means that a car insurance policy will say what happens if you are in an accident, i.e. if you will be provided with a replacement car and how the cost of repairs will be shared, while home insurance is likely to include plans in case your home is robbed.

The Translation Process

As has been highlighted above there are many different types of insurance policies, all with their own complexities and idiosyncrasies, so an expert in the law with experience in translating insurance contract is essential. There is a certain layout required for this type of translation which will also be familiar to an expert and the target language will be their first language, so they will have no trouble finding the most suitable turns of phrase and the appropriate grammar for an insurance policy. Given the nature of the insurance business, these documents are most likely to be consulted in times of crisis, it is therefore of the utmost importance that the translation of an insurance policy is absolutely accurate and simple enough to follow, which underlines the importance of using a specialised translator.

Legal Translation at Berlin Translate

Legal translation is a specialist field of Berlin Translate, so you can be confident that with us, your insurance policy or other legal document will be translated by an expert, to produce a translation of the highest quality.

The Berlin Translate blog is an ideal place to look if you would like to learn more about legal translation, the different types of contracts we translate, or our services more generally, so please do not hesitate to have a read.


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