Translating Protection Contracts

Protection contracts have a variety of different uses both for businesses and individuals, but the two types to be considered in detail here are pure protection contracts and workload protection contracts. Workload protection contracts generally concern a company and their employees while pure protection contracts generally involve individuals more. However, both these types of protection contract often need to be translated for reasons of clarity in anything involving multiple countries.

What are protection contracts?

A workload protection contract is one of a number of documents which helps to outline the terms of work for an employee, while also trying to encourage high productivity. The goal of a workload protection contract is to manage the schedules of your employees more easily, as you can then see when everyone is working and change their schedules easily to maximise efficiency and ensure that people are not being overworked. The actual contract just helps to make this more official and therefore more likely to be followed.

Pure protection contracts are viewed as non-investment contracts. It is a long-term insurance contract, with the insurance cover only payable on death or incapacity. This assumes that they have been incapacitated by injury, sickness or infirmity. Clearly the different types of protection contracts vary considerably, so a level of expertise is necessary to translate them.

The Translation Process

A legal expert who is familiar with protection contracts is the most suitable translator for the translation of a contract like the aforementioned owing to their specific subject knowledge. This will help them immeasurably in terms of using the appropriate layout and language for this type of document. Given the high stakes for both companies and individuals relying on these contracts, absolute accuracy is necessary in translation. In the case of pure protection contracts it is also worth bearing in mind that these documents are legally binding, so meticulousness is required.

Berlin Translate and Legal Translation

Protection contracts, particularly pure protection contracts, can fall under the umbrella of legal translation, which is one of our specialist fields here at Berlin Translate. This means that you are guaranteed a high-quality translation of your protection contract or other legal document with us.

If you are interested in finding out more details about the services we provide and other legal documents which we translate, please do not hesitate to take a look at the Berlin Translate blog.

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