Translating Data Protection Notices

One of the consequences of the explosion of the internet in recent decades is that data protection has become something of a hot button issue, so companies are now obliged to give a data protection notice to customers. As customers often come from many different parts of the world and speak a wide variety of languages, it is sensible to translate this notice into several different languages.

What is a data protection notice?

The notice is a document which informs customers of what personal data is collected by the company. It notifies them of how this data is processed and stored, what uses the company has for their data and whether it is likely to be shared with third parties. It will also include information on the duration for which the company will keep this data, in the case of websites there will be additional details on their use of cookies. Some explanation of the legal grounding for their data processing in relation to the GDPR for EU based companies is also a common feature of data protection notices.

The Process of Translation

The legal implications of a data protection notice and the relation with the GDPR are essential knowledge for any translator working on a data protection document, so legal expertise is necessary. Moreover, the translator really ought to be working into their native language as the idiom and best turns of phrase will be second nature to them. To put it plainly, without these two factors, it is extremely difficult to obtain a translation with the level of accuracy and precision required for a data protection notice. As a legally binding document errors in translation are simply not an option.

Legal Translation at Berlin Translate

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