Translation of An Exclusion of Liability

An exclusion of liability is normally a clause in a larger contract used to allocate risk, effectively stating that the company is not liable for certain events or consequences. This may apply to user generated content, damage to products … etc depending on the type of company. It is often beneficial for a business to have the exclusion or limitation of liability available in several languages as a means of ensuring the utmost clarity for everyone.

What is the purpose of an Exclusion of Liability?

This clause serves to determine whether a company is liable if certain events later take place (see above). Clearly an exclusion will say that they have no liability while a limitation of liability will give more specific details on cases where they are liable or are not. Another common feature of a limitation is the inclusion of a monetary figure, and the company is not liable for charges above this if there is a breach. From a legal perspective, it is useful for a company to have these documents in order and the biggest positive is the additional clarity offered by them. Most CEOs will tell you that a simple document like this which will potentially keep the company away from drawn-out legal arguments, and possible court battles is of the utmost importance.

The Process of Translation

An exclusion or limitation of liability is primarily used because it may later become important in legal cases. Therefore, it makes sense for a legal expert to translate the document. Their expertise will enable them to navigate the potentially tricky legal waters while retaining the meaning of the original text. It is also advisable to use a translator working into their native language. They will be able to find the best ways of phrasing what needs to be said and can guarantee the highest grammatical accuracy. A translator with both of these features is likely to produce a high-quality translation.

Legal Translation at Berlin Translate

Berlin Translate as a company specialises in legal translation, so if you are unsure who to contact for the translation of your exclusion of liability or another legal document, you have found the right place.

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