Why it matters

SEO is very important for companies as the growth of the internet has led to the online presence of a business often determining its future. SEO helps to reach the target audience of a company, and the company is likely to rely on this audience. Therefore, a company is more likely to succeed if it has a larger target audience.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation helps a company to market themselves by allowing them to ensure that they have a prominent position in search results. This is predominantly done by choosing the best keywords, titles and alt tags for your text. Effectively an SEO allows you to convey the main topics and message of a text in a quick way.

Every company that develops a product or service will have a target market in mind. They will believe that a particular demographic is most likely to be interested in what they offer. Without this target market a company is unlikely to generate profit, but this market also needs to have a sufficient scope for the aims of the business. If a company decides to aim their product at a particularly niche market, they are increasing the risk of failure. Consequently, it is often sensible for businesses to continuously look to expand their target market. A simple way to do this is via search engine optimisation.

When you want your website to generate more traffic, the most likely way is by gaining a higher ranking in results pages. Generally, when people are searching for a product or information on a particular topic, they will look at the first few websites and choose the one which seems the most relevant. If they are looking for an especially distinct item, they may look all the way down the first page, but it’s very rare that people look at the second page of search results unless they are struggling for information. This underlines the importance of SEO. The correct keywords and titles will help to move your company up the search results and to reach a bigger audience, thus expanding your target market.

What Berlin Translate does

It is not simple to translate an SEO as every single word matters. Keywords are crucial in your SEO, as they should closely match the search terms likely to be used by potential customers. When translating an SEO, Berlin Translate uses experts working into their native language who will be able to choose the most relevant keywords. This will help your company to reach more people and expand your target market.

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