Confidentiality Agreements: Translation

Privacy is a constantly evolving issue in the modern world, so confidentiality has an ever-growing importance. Whether it be within a company regarding trade secrets, or between a company and client with respect to their personal information. As so many companies take on an international dimension nowadays, confidentiality agreements must be available in several different languages.

Why sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

On the topic of company-client agreements, all business which hold potentially sensitive information about their clients are obliged to sign confidentiality agreements. This is a legally binding contract stating that they will not share information about their clients with other parties. These agreements are important as a customer will not trust the company otherwise. Within a company these agreements, also often known as non-disclosure agreements, refer to the non-divulgence of trade secrets for a preordained time period. These secrets may be what gives a business the edge over rival companies, so it is vital for the competitiveness of the company. Generally, the agreement itself will highlight the specific information which must be kept confidential.

The Translation Process

Confidentiality agreements can very easily lose their status as legally binding on account of minor errors. For instance, many companies have two separate names; a legal name and a trading name, using the wrong name could potentially nullify a confidentiality agreement. If the description of the information to be kept confidential lacks sufficient clarity, the legal status will similarly be lost. These are just a couple from several examples underlining the need for a precise and accurate translation. Some level of business knowledge and awareness of the potential legal snags in the translation of this document are an absolute necessity for the translator here. As is the case for most legal documents, a deft and rigorous translation is crucial because any error can vastly misconstrue the original meaning of the text.

Berlin Translate and Legal Translation

As has been outlined above, confidentiality agreements are legally binding documents, so need to be translated by a company with a specialism in legal translation, such as Berlin Translate. With us you can rest assured that you will receive a professional and meticulous translation of your confidentiality agreement or other legal document.

If you would like to find out more about various different types of contracts and the services we provide at Berlin Translate, please do not hesitate to have a read of the Berlin Translate blog.

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