Translation of Donation Agreements

Large international companies often work together with charities to gain some goodwill and positive press coverage for the company, as well as the opportunity to use their prominent position to support worthy causes. The size of the companies involved in charitable endeavours means that these activities will quite possibly be international. Therefore, any donation agreements will need to be translated into other languages, and the same applies with individual donors to charities abroad or operating internationally.

What is in a Donation Agreement?

This can be an agreement between a company and a charity, which states that company shares, or other assets will be donated to the charity. If the agreement is for an individual donor, it is likely to include certain conditions. For instance, it may mention the future purpose of the donation, or even for larger donations the naming of a project or property after the donor. The agreement is useful in cases like these, as it offers clarity to both parties. The gift is clearly evidenced which should be beneficial in the long-term as future misunderstandings can thus be easily avoided. As a legally binding contract, this agreement is also important in the possible unfortunate event that a donor passes away before they can pay a gift that they have pledged to give. The agreement means that the donor’s estate will be obligated to honour the promise of a gift.

The Process of Translation

Donation agreements are legally binding contracts between the donor and the charity, so their translator needs a legal background. Particular phrases may well have legal significance, so they should be translated by someone who knows how to preserve this meaning. This also helps to explain the importance of having a translator working into their native language. As well as the obvious native level of grammatical accuracy, their knowledge of idiom and the most suitable turns of phrase will be simply unmatched by any non-native speaker. They will be best placed to produce a clear translation which retains the legal status of the donation agreement.

Legal Translation with Berlin Translate

Donation agreements, like all other legally binding contracts, belong to the category of legal translation. Berlin Translate specialises in this field, so if you are unsure who to consult, you can be confident that we will provide an accurate translation of your legal document.  

An excellent resource for more information on the legal translation services offered by this company is the Berlin Translate blog, so please feel free to take a look at it.

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