Translating the Declaration of Consent

Given the recent updates and changes to data protection laws, the majority of websites are now required to inform their users of how they will use their data, and this is also the case when someone signs up for any sort of subscription, or registers for anything in general. For purposes of clarity and wider outreach, this declaration of consent ought to be translated into multiple languages.

What is the Declaration of Consent?

The simplest declaration of consent is the message that often comes up when someone opens a website for the first time, asking whether they agree to the use of cookies, and it is important to have this available in multiple languages. However, it seems more worthwhile here to take an in depth look at the declaration of consent which must be signed when registering for a programme/website etc. The declaration effectively means that a customer is declaring the validity of the information they have entered and agreeing to the processing of the personal data which they have shared with a company, or that the company has collected by other means (normally cookies). The customer may also give their consent for additional specifics, such as the duration for which the company is entitled to store their data and whether their personal data will be shared with third parties.

The Translation Process

The translation of a declaration of consent cannot be done by every translator as the form concerns the legal rights of the customer in relation to the GDPR, therefore a translator who is familiar with these regulations would be most qualified for this type of translation. In other words, a translator working into their native language with some legal background would be ideal, as both these factors would enable them to use the precise language and wording which are vital to translations with potential legal implications such as these.

Berlin Translate and Legal Translation

The declaration of consent falls comfortably within the expertise of Berlin Translate as legal translation is a field where we have a great deal of experience as a company, and a first-rate translation is assured.

Anyone curious about other legal documents and the importance of translating them would be well advised to consult the Berlin Translate blog for articles on this subject and what we do in this area.

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