Translation of Work Contracts

Every employee at a medium sized or large company will have a work contract and international companies will clearly need to have contracts in the correct language for all their employees from different countries, and consequently with different native tongues.

What does a Work Contract include?

A work contract is an arrangement between employee and employer, which is legally binding and offers increased job security to the employee and better personnel retention for the employer. The contract tends to set out the duties of both parties (employer and employee) and includes the terms of the contract such as the hours of work, salary and employee benefits. Basic information such as the identity and possibly addresses of those involved are an essential aspect while more complicated issues such as the circumstances for possible termination are also outlined. Therefore, it is easy to see why these contracts are so important on both sides in terms of giving everyone a clear picture of where they stand, which can prove beneficial legally if there are eventual disputes as contracts provide a clear record.

The process of Translation

It goes without saying that legally binding agreements like employee contracts should ideally be translated by legal experts, whose knowledge of the law will help them to produce a translation which retains the legal status of the original document. Moreover, the target language should be the native tongue of the translator since this is most likely to yield a translation of the highest quality and accuracy, which remaining faithful to the original text. This is of particular importance in the case of work contracts as minor errors in translation have the potential to drastically alter the conditions of employment.

Legal Translation with Berlin Translate

As a company, Berlin Translate is specialised in certain types of translation and legal translation is foremost among them. If you are not sure who to consult for work contracts or other legal documents which need translating, congratulations! You have the found right place. Just tell us your target language and Berlin Translate guarantees a high-quality translation.

If you are interested in learning more about the various contracts and legal documents which we translate, please take a look at the Berlin Translate blog for more articles on these and related subjects.

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