Do you know The Weirdest and less-know Christmas Traditions In The World? Did you know that many countries celebrate Christmas with their own traditions, often far removed from ours? Here is a brief overview of different specialties and other curious habits identified around the world. In this article, you we find The Weirdest and less-know Christmas Traditions In The World.

In Catalonia (Spain)

The Catalans have rather inventive traditions: the Yule log takes on a whole new meaning because there, they create a kind of turd-shaped piñata! This Caga Tio, as it is called, is extended by a bag, and for Christmas, it is by hitting it and singing that it is excreted … gifts!

In Portugal

The Portuguese have well thought out their tradition: rather than doing all the dishes on Christmas Eve, they leave the table as it is with the leftovers, in case the deceased family wants to have a snack in the night (Santa Claus has to see a lot of people when it comes to Portugal!)

In Germany

Ah Germany … this sweet country where we celebrate Christmas twice!

Well almost: in addition to the gifts on the 25th, little Germans receive candy that Saint Nicholas puts in their shoes (if they have put them outside) on December 5.

In England

In England, they have confused the Christmas cake and the galette des rois! Because they often put a coin in the famous Christmas pudding, and whoever has it should get rich.

In the USA

While Americans, like us, are real Christmas hungry, they don’t forget Santa Claus, for whom they reserve cookies and milk placed outside the house.

In Australia

What do you think we do when the temperatures are close to 30 ° C for Christmas? We are organizing a barbecue on the beach!

In Japan

Traditionally, in Japan, Christmas is like every day here, since you order a burger at KFC!

In Iceland

We swap foie gras for whale skin! Seasoned with whale fat, it should hold you tight. We forgot to tell you: it is eaten raw.

In Venezuela

In Venezuela, we believe in fun, since everyone shows up to Christmas morning mass on rollerblades. And we don’t forget to give priority to grannies!

In Italy

Another country that celebrates Christmas twice. Instead of December 5 and Saint Nicholas in Italy, it is the kind witch Befana who shows up with her arms laden with gifts on January 6, for Epiphany.

In Wales

Alcohol lovers don’t take a Christmas break, far from it! 

Especially in Wales, in fact, where people sing at every door disguised as a dead horse (don’t ask why!) In the hope of collecting sweets and beer in quantity.

Basically it’s like Halloween in America, except it’s for adults and for the sake of getting drunk !

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