Many French people decide to leave their country to try their luck abroad. Among them many choose Canada as a new land of adventure, so why not you? Expatriating to Canada: 5 good reasons.

Expatriating to Canada

1. The attractiveness of the labour market

The Canadian labour market is one of the densest in the world. It has one of the highest employment rate and a low unemployment rate (under 7%). In addition, the labour market fights against poverty among young people as well as for the integration of women in certain sectors still very male-dominated. Another positive point is that there are hundreds of vacancies in many fields for French speakers.

2. The quality of life

Canada is undoubtedly one of the countries which comes up most often when talking about pleasant countries. One of the strong points of the country – which is ranked among the 10 richest countries in the world – is its high purchasing power that enables its inhabitants to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. Moreover, housing and food are affordable.

But the standard of living is far from being the only advantage that leads many people to move to Canada. Indeed, the country is also know for its largely government-funded education system ; for its free health care system for Canadians and permanent residents ; and for its security.

3. The Landscapes

When moving to a new country, the environment surrounding you is also an important criterion for you to feel at ease. Canada is a destination that will delight everyone, from big cities to lakes and endless green spaces. Expatriating to Canada is also an opportunity to discover its fauna, its flora, its big cities and even to visit the United States, that are quickly accessible by plane.

4. Improving your English

English is the country’s first official language, with French being the second. Thus, expatriating to Canada as a French citizen is a real advantage for communication. It is a good opportunity to practice your English while avoiding the stress of administrative tasks in a foreign language.

5. Canadian cuisine

If you don’t want your taste buds to be too disoriented, you will find many bakeries and pastry shops run by French people in Canada. However, expatriatio is synonymous with discovery. And the cuisine is no exception. For example, among other Canadian culinary specialties, you can try poutine, the signature dish of Quebec. 

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