Discover the list of the best reasons to choose Austria as your country of expatriation.

Why choosing Austria as your country of expatriation?
Flag of Austria


Austria is a mountainous country which is located in the center of Europe. It is indeed surrounded by Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia. Being in the center of Europe makes it easier to go on a trip to nearby countries and to explore them.

The official language in Austria is German, and it is the mother tongue of 89% of the inhabitants! Consequently, let’s learn some German words! Even if it’s not necessary to know how to speak German, it’s better to know some notions before leaving abroad.

When moving to Austria, it would be too bad to not visit iconic cities like Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck which have magnificent architecture. You will be able to find museums, palaces, or even breathtaking monuments. Make sure to taste the local pastries and sweets when you will be there.

  • Why choosing Austria as your country of expatriation
  • Palace of Vienna in Austria
  • Sacher Cake in Austria

Moreover, the living cost is cheaper than in France and Great Britain, and it’s easy to find accommodation.

Rich patrimony

Whether it is architecture, music, art, or history, Austria is full of surprises. That’s why Vienna was the intellectual capital of Europe. It has seen a lot of personalities and composers following one another.

You can also find local cottage industries, including local shops for wood and textile crafts. Don’t forget to check handmade souvenirs and leather products.

You will find there really varied gastronomy, the Austrian traditional cooking is very appreciated. Your palate will be delighted with the Knödel (Austrian dumplings), the Backhendl (fried chicken), the Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal cutlets), the Tafelspitz (Austrian stew), the Gulash (meat stew) without forgetting desserts such as the Apfelstrudel (thin apple dough sheets), the Kaiserschmarren (crêpe in strips) or the famous Austrian pastries and Viennese cafés.


The Austrian universities are really famous. If you study in Austria, you have to know that there is a wide choice of German and English courses. Tuition fees are not expensive if you are a foreigner. Last but not least, you don’t need a Visa if you own a UE/EEE passport.

Here was a list of the best reasons to conquer the land of culture and art! Now, you know why choosing Austria as your country of expatriation.

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