Another year ends and another one starts. The New Year is like a fresh chapter in a book. What will you write for the next chapter of your life? Make the most of it to take stock of your life and get better next year. It’s an opportunity for many people to make a fresh start by making the famous – though rarely all kept – New Year’s resolutions! Berlin Translate’s found 10 of them especially dedicated to expatriates and wishes then you a wonderful year!

The 10 good resolutions of the expatriate: 10 good resolutions when you live abroad

  1. Stop asking friends to send cheese and sausage… Or not (it would be a pity not eating a camembert cheese under the coconut trees)
  2. Start learning the local language: begin with slang! It won’t open doors of luxury hotels, but you’ll make your friends laugh, it’ll be a (guilty) pleasure and you’ll get a foot on the ladder. And if you need a certified translation, you know who to turn to
  3. Try (as far as possible) not to badmouth your country of origin behind his back or being too chauvinistic
  4. Try to be more indulgent when you meet tourists
  5. Stop complaining about being the tour guide when your loved ones come to visit you. Keep on impressing them!
  6. Call more often your parents-in-law
  7. Go on vacation somewhere else than in France
  8. Stop saying “It’s so different there, you know” every time you come home for Christmas
  9. Pick up a social activity in your host country
  10. Suscribe to Berlin Translate’s Facebook group

Now, you hold all the cards to make the 10 resolutions of the “perfect” exptatriate.

To conclude, New Year is like a blank book. You can write down anything you want in it. Do your best to make this new year your best year ever. Live your best life! Why, for example, wouldn’t you move abroad?

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