Tuesday February 5th 2019 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Earth Pig, which is mostly celebrated in Asia, but also all around the world. If you want learn about differences bewteen Chinese and German, we’ve written articles on the matter.

Celebrations of the Chinese New Year, which take place on Tuesday February 5th, have begun and everyone has his own way of celebrating. Especially famous in most of Asia, the Chinese New Year 2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig.

From disguised parades in Yangon to lantern show of Yangzhou, and divers in Kuala Lumpur, the whole Asian continent has achieved the level of the event that will last until February 25th 2020, the year of the Metal Rat.

The pig is the twelfth animal of the Chinese zodiac cycle, the last animal of the cycle. This is your year only if you were born in the lunar years (which almost correspond to our own calendar except if you are born in January or in February) of 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007.

The Pig: Chinese New Year 2019

On Tuesday February 5th, the Pig is the celebrated zodiac animal and its element is the Earth. According to Chinese astrology, the Year of the Pig will be joyful, festive, but also considered and benevolent, a year of self-assessment taking stock of the past eleven years. Education, philanthropy and spirituality will be highlighted by earth’ symbol, a yin element. This Year of the Pig will prioritise friends and family and will break off toxic relationships for good. This year, one will have to strive for a well-being and a better living environment, without giving in to greed, such as the Pig!

In order to balance energetic flows, to favour red and white colours and wear metal jewellery are recommended this year. Earth’ symbol benefits indeed the natives marked by the Metal element. The Year of the Pig will come to an end on January 24th 2020 and to move on to the Year of the Metal Rate on January 25th 2020. Do you know what is your Chinese zodiac sign and which element is associated with you? The Year of the Pig will especially be the friend of the Sheep and the Rabbit. Find more information below.

The Chinese New Year 2019 sign

What does the Year of the Earth Pig mean? In Chinese astrology, it’s a year characterised by security, peaceful exchange, kindness, well-being and improvement of the knowledge. The energy of this Year of the Earth Pig is profitable and positive. The Pig’s European zodiac sign is Scorpius. It’s compatible with Rabbit and Sheep signs and it’s sincere, honest, confident, sociable, hard-working and obstinate. He can also be selfish, naive, idle and a little too gluttonous.

  • February 5th 2019: Pig (Earth)
  • January 25th 2020: Rat (Metal)
  • February 12th 2021: Ox (Metal)
  • February 1st 2022: Tiger (Water)
  • January 22nd 2023: Rabbit (Water)

Chinese New Year: which animal is associated with you?

In the Chinese calendar, each and every year is associated with one of the twelve zodiac signs, represented by animals, which cyclically repeats every 12 years: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. New Year is also linked to one of the five cosmogonical elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Do you know which is your Chinese zodiac sign and its element? In order to discover your Chinese zodiac animal among the 12 animals (the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig), you’ll just need your date of birth.

In order to discover your element in the Chinese zodiac, years of birth ending by 0 or 1 are Metal, by 2 or 3 are Water, by 4 or 5 are Wood, by 6 or 7 are Fire, and by 8 or 9 are Earth.

Chinese horoscope

How will the Year of the Pig have an impact on love, fortune and health of your Chinese zodiac sign?


You will regain self-confidence in all fields. Occasions will arise in your professional, social and love life. This Year of the Pig is under the sign of change.


In order to improve confidence in your life path, prepare yourself to welcome its benefits by changing your way of thinking. Make hay while the sun shines by getting rid of every regret, don’t be unyielding nor killjoy in order to look towards the future at best.


To make your dreams come true, you have to clear out your life. Your most generous wishes will be fulfilled, in solidarity and mutual aid.


This Year of the Pig will strengthen your aggressive spirit. Good family meals, visits and small parties will not be lacking. Be careful not to gain weight, so practice a sport activity!


You can put aside of past irritations and bad memories. In terms of love or work, there will be prospects for evolution. Hardness and firmness will be necessary in this Year of the Pig.


You’ll want to get things moving, choosing action over reflection. You’ll be even ready to face the unknown in every field. Your fortune will be consistently good. It’s the most positive year of your life in terms of fortune and material.


You’ll build contacts with important people and benefit from the fruits of your past work. In terms of love, be generous and altruistic if you desire a romantic peacefulness.


This Year of the Pig, you’ll get rid of toxic people and you’ll move forward without hesitation for once! You’re back, stronger and more confident than ever!


Self-confidence will not be lacking in this Year of the Pig and you’ll improve your professional and financial life thanks to your relationships and efforts built up in the past. It’s the perfect time to start a new activity.


This Year of the Pig will enhance love and relationships with your friends. For some, your love life will be happier and more harmonious. In terms of work, it’s time to get your destiny back. You’ll benefit from the unfailing support of good luck, well-placed people and old friends. One does not recommend excesses and haste.


Your home will be at the centre of worries in order to make significant progress at home. You’ll take stock of your past years, and you’ll take time to take a break and to let go.


In this Year of the Pig, whatever you’ll undertake will be successful. However, remember to be reasonable during the holiday and abundant periods.

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