Pfingsten in Berlin

Pfingsten is the sending of the Holy Spirit, according to the Christian faith, and it happens every year 49 days after Easter Sunday. In Berlin a lot of the Pfingsten customs are no longer a commonplace, yet Pfingsten is still being celebrated during the weekend. This year Pfingsten Sunday will take place on the 20. May and Pfingsten Monday on the 21. May 2018.

Tips for Pfingsten Sunday

1 – The carnival of cultures

18. to 21. May 2018

Berlin could hardly show itself from a more colorful side: Numerous groups of different nationalities offer music, dance, performance, visual arts and acrobatics at the Carnival of Cultures on moving carriages.

On four festival days, Berliners and tourists will experience the capital from its “chocolate side”: open and international, dynamic and cheerful, diverse and colorful. More than 500,000 people celebrate the colorful mix of the city every year since 1995 at Pfingsten.

The carnival of cultures with more than 5000 participants

More than 5,000 actors from almost all parts of the world are now involved. From Brazilian samba to Chinese lion dance, from West African drums to Bernese carnival fans, the groups of the carnival impressively prove that Berlin’s treasure is diversity and internationality. In addition to the four-day street festival, the parade is the highlight of the carnival.

2 – Long Night of the Open Churches

20. May 2018

The long night of the open churches always takes place on Pfingsten Sunday – Berlin churches invite people in.

 On this day around 100 churches in Berlin open their doors in the evening and entertain their visitors with various events. The Night of the Open Churches opens with a devotion in the Berlin Cathedral and a subsequent musical program. All parishes of the Ecumenical Council Berlin-Brandenburg (ÖRBB) can participate.

3 – Berlin Mural Fest

19. to 21. May 2018

The “Berlin Mural Fest” will produce over 80 new street art works throughout the city.

Where can you see those?

The exact locations of the Murals and the complete supporting program of the Graffiti Festival will be announced shortly. It is clear that in addition to the presentation of the artworks also various festivals are planned on the Pfingsten weekend. As the Berliner Zeitung reported, bands will perform at Moritzplatz, East Side Gallery and Rosenthaler Platz and break dancers will show their skills.






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