A lot of things have changed because of the current health crisis. Our movements are limited and countries’ rules of entry/exit are endlessly changing. Whether it is for tourist trips, university semesters abroad or expatriations, we come to the same conclusion: all of these are less and less numerous, and more and more limited.

What do expatriates do in coronavirus crisis?: Some come home

For many people, the current situation requires a comeback to France. As drastic health measures are implemented, border controls are becoming stricter and air transport is becoming more unusual… Many expatriates have then to change their plans, postpone or even cancel their expatriation project because of the pandemic. Although it’s a difficult decision to make, it’s crucial for all of those who have lost their job abroad and have no choice but to come back to their home country.

What do expatriates do in coronavirus crisis?: Others leave home

Others, much more optimistic, weather the storm and decide not to be swept away by the waves of the pandemic. They know that their expatriation will not be quite the same than in previous years, and that it may be more complicated. However, they’re willing to adapt to new measures that will set the pace of their new lifestyle. While they’re enjoying the most of their status and advantages, they recommend not to lack of attention regarding the administrative formalities that are increasing in these times of crisis.

What do expatriates do in coronavirus crisis?: Administrative formalities abroad

Indeed, when you receive the expatriate status, bureaucracy is wall-to-wall. There are loads of documents that need to be translated. It can be the birth certificate, the wedding certificate, or the commercial register. In short, the list is long.

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