According to official statistics from several institutes, including the Banque transatlantique along the French Foreign Union (FFU), 94% of French people who live abroad say they were satisfied with their choice of expatriation. In spite of common fears, such as the language barrier, more and more French people are choosing expatriation far from France. In most of cases, this choice has proved to be a profitable one. Perhaps you’re wondering what’s the profile or the reasons that drive expatriates to embrace a new life, far from their home country? The answer’s simple. They are people like you and me, who are motivated by the desire to achieve things.

Expatriation aka happiness at the other side of the world?: Looking for career development

A third of expatriates choose to leave their home country for professional reasons. Regardless the age, these people choose to seize the opportunity to get a job or a better wage. Generally speaking, they’re young students who’ve just graduated. People also decide to move abroad to develop their career, by obtaining a higher degree or qualification in a foreign company, for example.

Expatriation aka happiness at the other side of the world?: Discovering new culture and traditions

What makes our Earth rich is the plurality of the cultures. Each and every country has its own culture, gastronomy and way of life. These are the three factors that affect the choice of expatriation, including those who call themselves “gourmet at heart” or “passionate about art”. Yup, as crazy as it may sound, some people decide to live abroad out of passion for its culture. A country’s culture is largely due to its own history, and then, it’s the heart that keeps the country alive.

Expatriation aka happiness at the other side of the world?: Looking for fresh air

Another profile of the happy expatriate: the one who’s looking for fresh air. Some people often choose to move abroad, in a country where the weather meets more their expectations. Generally speaking, people love beaches and seas, especially those with transparent waters, for example. On the other hand, there are also people who prefer cold sensations and snowy landscapes all year round, for example. There are so many climates as continents on our beautiful Earth.

In short, profiles and reasons are numerous. The above-mentioned ones are only an exhaustive list. Each of us dreams to discover new things and live the “American Dream”. Travelling offers advantages because you only live once. Maybe you’ll end up settling in a country after visiting it and you’ll move there because of “love at first sight”. We invite you to read the other articles on the Berlin Translate website. We also invite you to take a moment to close your eyes and do some introspection to think about all your passions and aspirations. Ask yourself how travelling can help you live these passions.

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