Many people will tell you that moving abroad with your family is a risky gamble, it is better not to get into such a mess and keep your feet on the ground. There is no such thing as a family expatriation that goes wonderfully well!

… yet still!

You would be surprised to see how many families have enjoyed this community adventure! Do not listen to everything your family members are saying, and take stock of the situation by yourself. Because it is indeed possible to reconcile family life and working abroad!

Reconciling family life and working abroad

Quite unexpectedly, reconciling family life and working abroad is possible. You just need a well though-out project, a little organisation, and everything should go well!

However, there are different criteria to be taken into account when you decide to move abroad with your family than when you expatriate on your own. Living abroad on your own or with your family is a bit different! The choice of destination must then be more considered. More factors to take into account, more obstacles to prepare for, but fortunately, nothing big.

Think of family expatriation as a community adventure, a way to strengthen family ties and belong to a supportive family!

Reconciling family life and working abroad: where to go?

If you want to find the perfect city for reconciling family and working abroad, you are in the right place. Back to different cities which are perfect for family expatriation.

Favourite destinations

No need to go far away to fully enjoy your life as an expatriate. If you want to leave without going too far, stay in Europe and break from your usual routine, we recommend you to take a look at the Scandinavian countries, such as Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

In these countries, learning the language can be a bit hard, but do not worry! Mastering English is more than enough to integrate into everyday life. Over there, expatriates’ family life is at its peak. There are many family policies, time off, and the education system and access to health care are good. As you can see, there are thousands of reasons to move to Helsinki, Stockholm or Oslo. However, if the language barrier is a problem for you and you prefer move to a French-speaking country, you have two choices: Switzerland and Canada.


The French-speaking part of Switzerland, which shares its borders with France, is part of the ranking. The region is especially appreciated for its security, quality of life, education system and cultural offer.


As for Canada, also a French-speaking country, it offers a health environment and quality of life appreciated by expatriates.

On the other hand, for those who are looking for a total change of scene, we recommend you to go to the other side of the world, to Singapore!

There is a host of expatriates that move to Singapore. Whether it is for the bunch of job offers, the prosperous economy or the level of incomes, and quality of life, expatriates in Singapore say that it is a paradise.

Our advice for bureaucracy

No matter where you go, one thing will always come back: bureaucracy. Nobody likes it, but you have to get used to it!

To make your travels and your moving easier abroad, we offer a certified translation service to translate your official documents. It is an obligatory process in many countries!

To find out our services and rates, please go to the Certified Translations section.

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