In order to leave in the best possible conditions and to make the most of your trip, you need to take care of administrative arrangements before your departure. The best way to ensure that you have accomplished everything that needs to be done is to make a list and determine the date by which each task must be completed.

In this article, we will therefore draw up a non-exhaustive list of all the administrative arrangements that you must think about.

Administrative arrangements

90 days before your departure

Book your plane tickets and hotels if necessary

Inform your children’s school that you will be moving abroad and ask for transfer certificates and any information that will be relevant to your move.

Check the quarantine requirements in your destination country and organise the transfer of your pet.

Find out about professional moving companies and ask for their quotes.

Create a folder with all paper copies and important documents and create a file on your computer for all your backed up files. Check the documentation requirements for the country you’re moving to. Many countries require officialdocuments to be certified before they can be accepted. For more information, check the guide for each city.

Create a tax and financial file containing all the information that can be claimed for tax purposes.

Make sure that you and your family have valid passports

Find out about international driving licences. Most countries do not accept the driving licence from your homecountry. If you can take the test before you leave, do so. This will save you time and avoid problems when you arrive.

Find out if and when you, your family and pets need to be vaccinated. Make appointments with your doctor and vetand make sure you have an international vaccination record.

Print out change of address cards to give to friends and family and inform all important people of your departure and change of address: the post office, banks and relevant authorities in your country in general, your family and friends.

60 days before your departure

Ask your doctor, vet and dentist for copies of your medical records, your family’s records and your pets’ records.While you’re at it, arrange a final check-up for you, your family and your pets. Check all insurance policies and applyfor visas if necessary.

Contact the post office to set up their mail forwarding service.

Prepare a power of attorney. Make sure you have certified copies of all important documents ready to give to theperson you will be leaving and who will be in charge of your affairs while you are away.

Contact your bank and explain that you are moving abroad. If you already have your new address, give it to them,otherwise change your address to that of a friend or family member in the short term.

Set up direct debits at your bank for bill payments that you will continue to make while you are away. These caninclude mortgage payments, loan payments, pension and savings plans.

Find out the local names and their equivalents for any prescription drugs you or your family are taking. Make surethey will be available in your destination country. If they are not, you will need to make arrangements to obtain them, as well as proof of your need for them for customs and tax purposes.

Set up internet banking, as you will need to manage your money online while you are away. If your bank does nothave online banking, you should consider switching banks (most banks now have online banking).

30 days before your departure

Change your address for anything that requires it

Make sure you have paid all outstanding bills. Leave some money for a friend or relative to pay for anything you havemissed.

Contact the different utilities and ask them to stop providing you with gas, electricity, water, cable TV and telephone or, if you are renting your home, to change the name on the bills. Get all the necessary documentsand information for the shipping or airline company.

Arrange for the cancellation of your home insurance on the day of your departure. Start packing up thehouse, leaving everything you need for the next month.

Make sure that everyone who needs it has your forwarding address.

What to do on the day

If you are shipping items, make sure you get an approximate delivery date.

Make sure you haven’t left anything behind in your home – check all wardrobes and rooms. Say your finalgoodbyes.

Make sure you have the essentials in your suitcase. You will live in these suitcases immediately until your shipmentarrives.

Check all delivery plans with the company and go through the inventory list.

So there are a lot of things to take into account before your departure and you need to be sure that you have done everything you need to do to make your arrival as smooth as possible and optimise your journey.

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