Have you ever thought about living abroad? Do you have doubts that persist? Here are the most famous excuses to live abroad and the best way to remove them.

No more excuses to live abroad: the possibility of being alone

What comes often to mind when we go abroad, is not being in touch with things and people we love. Family, friends or even lover can be the reason why we choose not to move abroad. And although it is absolutely respectable, we guarantee that it is not the only option!

Think of other times when you have felt this way. Maybe starting a new job, going to a party or having your first day of high school. These are only examples of situations where we are afraid not to find people who are right for us. But was not at this time that we met most of people that are still around us today? If you had never been to these places, you would never have met them. A new country means new, wonderful friendships.

No more excuses to live abroad: the challenge of a new language

Although we sometimes know very well the country’s language we want to go, it is not always the case. It can lead to fear and make us prefer comfort.

But, wait. Is there a better place to learn a language than being surrounded by people who speak it? Moreover, there are many other countries than France where French is also spoken! When we start learning a new language, we often feel uncomfortable, and even demotivated. However, we promise you that you will notice a huge change in your language skills after you arrive in your new country. You will immerse yourself in a new culture and language as well as a new way of thinking. For all these reasons, there are more pros than cons to move abroad.

The worry about failure

Maybe you are afraid of your own expectations in your new country. What will happen if you end up disappointed?

Answer: nothing! You cannot have expectations of a new place, and obviously, they better to be positive ones. Sometimes, we think that moving abroad means never coming back, but it is completely wrong. Our only goal when we go abroad is to look for a pleasant experience. And we miss our home country, you always can go back at any time.

Just fear!

Maybe we do not know why we are terrified of leaving, but it is even harder to get rid of it. In this case, try to focus on all the reasons that we have mentioned above to get rid of all those excuses. If there are not enough, think of your own reasons. There is always an explanation why you are considering this option.

Will it be an exciting adventure? If you do not give it a shot, you will never know.

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