Expatriation: pourquoi est-il préférable de partir seul(e) ?

“Expatriation” means “Change”! By choosing this option you are turning to the unknown, which can be very scary as well as extremely beneficial. If you are still doubtful and can’t make up your mind, in this article you will find 4 reasons why you should let yourself be tempted by a solo expatriation.

1- The opportunity to live new experiences:

During an expatriation, you say goodbye for a while to everything you are accustomed to in order to go on an adventure in foreign territory. Once you arrive in your host country, you will have the opportunity to live a multitude of new experiences. You will discover a new culture, new traditions, new ways of life, new people, new places and you will also be able to be immersed in a foreign language. All of this, independently and on your own time.

2- The self transcendence :

During an expatriation, you will find yourself alone. You’ll probably get home sick from time to time. To fully enjoy the experience, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and meet people you don’t know; in a place you don’t know. Keep in mind that integrating can sometimes be easier to do when you are alone. However, you will be faced with new situations. In such cases, remember that these experiences will allow you to surpass yourself and come out stronger.

3- Savings:

If you go alone instead of with others, you will certainly save money. Indeed, living alone and not with your family, for example, is wiser since instead of renting a house you can rent a studio or a small apartment. Also, if you have children, you’ll have to be even more careful with the budget because you’ll have to dedicate a lot of it to them. Going solo is therefore the best solution to guarantee you a simpler and more economical expatriation.

4- When you return you will have become a new person:

Finally, when you return to your home country you will have become a new person enriched by the experiences you have had in the country of expatriation. You will be stronger and more confident because you will have learned to surpass yourself, to meet others despite the language barrier and to step out of your comfort zone. Qualities that will certainly serve you with potential future employers.

So, have you been persuaded to try a solo expatriation ? If so, please feel free to check out our article on how to cope with culture shock during your expatriation.

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