Living abroad can be stressful and can be a big decision to make, so we have compiled 10 reasons as to why you should be living abroad. Take a look!

Reasons why living abroad as an Expat, student or migrant can change your life for the better. 

Many people dream about living in a foreign country for at least some part of their life, and for good reason. There are so many advantages.

Living abroad can radically change your life for the better. In reality there are a multitude of reasons why you should choose to move to a different country. Living abroad can offer new possibilities, a new lifestyle, a new career, and a new resolve. 

You have the opportunity to leave your past behind and completely reinvent yourself. Everything is different when you move abroad. So why not try something different? 

In this post we are giving you some good reasons to get on that plane and to discover a new and exciting lifestyle. 

1. It strengthens your character

No other experience will put you to the test like arriving in a new place and starting a new life. But that is the exciting bit! New experiences, new friends, and new memories. If you want to make a new self, then living abroad is a good opportunity to do so. 

Like Seneca once said: “Travelling and changing countries gives new strength to the spirit”. So let the tethers to your old life go and begin a new one. 

2. Better your career

If your goal is to improve your job prospects, living abroad can revolutionise your career. You could reinvent yourself with a completely new career and quickly climb the ladder that was impossible for you beforehand. So, if you go abroad, your international experiences will be more valuable than if you stay at home. 

Lots of countries look for qualified migrants so that you get more money for less hours and you get to have a better life. 

Regardless of whether you decide to work for a few years as an Expat abroad before returning to your homeland or if you intend to move abroad permanently, it will give your career prospects that welcomed boost. 

Either way, your CV will look good, and your workday will turn into a pleasure as opposed to a troublesome task. 

3. Culture shock of the best kind

Even if you arrive in a country where they don’t speak the same language as you, nothing prepares you for the cultural change. You will meet people with different perspectives on life and you will find new ways of going about your daily life. Everything from the breakfast that you eat to the time that you set off for work. Embrace the changes, embrace the midday naps and make the most out of your new country. 

4. Your preferences will change

There is nothing better than exposing yourself to new foods, designs, and places to shake up your firmly held convictions and values. This is a good thing! Challenging these tastes with another perspective can help you to understand who you are and can give you a new flavour for life. 

I guarantee you that you will go home with new recipes and new favourite foods. 

5. It will be worth it! 

Very few people go abroad and say that it wasn’t worth it. Many people are financially better off working abroad, by over a half. Even if you don’t stay in your new country forever, your experiences will stay with you, and you will have new memories and stories that you can tell your family and friends about. 

The more opportunities you seize in your new country and culture, the more worthwhile your time will be.

6. Your family will thank you

While the initial move may be difficult for all those involved, new opportunities will arise. Children will find new friends; you will find a great job and find new hobbies.

Living broad will push you and your family out of your comfort zone, which will naturally be unpleasant. But children are adaptable and will quickly seize the new chances. 

Is there a better reason to travel than education and experiencing new cultures?  

7. Putting yourself out there will benefit you

When you’re in a new country, uncomfortable situations are guaranteed. Finding friends and integrating yourself at work can be difficult at the start. When you learn to overcome the difficulties, you will only gain more self-confidence, which you will not regret. 

Perhaps you are a little bit shy at home, but life in a foreign country gives you the opportunity to grow and you will have so many interesting tales to tell. 

8. You will find new friends everywhere

You might be alone at first, but finding new friends is a huge advantage of live in a foreign country. Meeting people with different life experiences as yourself will make for an interesting time. This will also help you to integrate yourself into the new country. 

What’s more is that as a foreigner, you become somewhat famous. You will have no troubles at all finding new friends. 

9. Learning a new language is a good personal skill

Coming to a new country and learning to converse in different languages can be challenging, but it can also be fun. In fact, you will learn quicker, and it will be much more interesting than learning from a textbook. 

10. In some way, it will change your life – forever! 

Even challenging experiences help us to develop as human beings, and there are lots of them on our journey. So, lots of life-changing experiences await you, and you will never forget them. New beginnings, new jobs, new friends, and new relationships are all good reasons to grasp your dream. 

So now you are ready for an adventure, but you don’t know which country to go to? Why don’t you take a look at our article about the 10 best countries to live in and let your fantasies run wild. 

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