Many people dream of moving to another country, even only for a year. Going abroad can positively change your life. There is a host of reasons which people decide to expatriate far from their home country. Living abroad can offer you new opportunities, a lifestyle more suited to your expectations or career development. You can choose to leave the past behind to begin a new life. You can also choose to join family, friends or your true love abroad.

Here is a list of all the reasons why going overseas as an expatriate, student or migrant can be worthwhile:

Why going abroad can be worthwhile: a character change

Choosing to go abroad will allow you to test yourself and realize your potential. You will have the opportunity to experience new things, but also to meet new friends and make new memories.

As Seneca, a great Roman philosopher, said, “travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind”.

Why going abroad can be worthwhile: a career development

If your main goal is to gain a greater professional perspective, living abroad can be an advantage for your career. You can glimpse the prospect of moving into a completely different career and just choose to move up the ladder to greater responsibility and rank.

Nowadays, there are many countries that are looking for skilled migrants, but you need to find more information about the cost of working in your country beforehand. Anyway, it will always be interesting to add to your résumé that you have worked, studied or even lived abroad.

A positive cultural shock

If you go in another country where you do not speak the language, you could suffer from a cultural shock. But do not worry! You will meet new people with a new prospect on life and you will learn new ways of doing and seeing things. The lifestyle may be different but you will end up by getting used to it through a normal and natural adaptation mechanism. As they say: “one has to learn and practice and then knows how to do it”. You will directly learn to speak in different languages. It can be challenging, but also funny. Actually, you will learn faster and it will be interesting than learning from an inanimate book.

An unforgettable cultural experience

For some people, there is nothing like discovering new flavours or landscapes to make you want to stay in a country. It is a good thing. It may surprise you, but you can choose to live in a country for its gastronomy and culture.

A great experience for the family

Although moving can be difficult, it is an opportunity for your family to experience new things. Your children will also make new friends. You will have the opportunity to develop your career and enjoy leisure activities such as living near a beach with clear water.

Moving abroad will take you and your family out of your comfort zone. Do not worry, if children are able to adapt themselves, then so can you as an adult.

A unique experience of travelling alone

You may find yourself alone at first, but experience has shown that you always end up by finding new friends, even when you go to live abroad. Meeting new people with different life experiences will change your outlook on life. There are often groups on social media or associations that allow expatriates to meet other expatriates and perhaps to become friends.

If you are still not sure about moving abroad, we have a host of articles on the matter.

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